Thanks for taking the time to read our pricing statement. Transparency with our customers is very important to us.

As a new business (we have now been live for a year!) we have to consider our business costs as we grow. Since we have launched KULA in the UK we have had to adapt to our changing business environment.... there has been quite a lot happening : )

Due to the UK leaving the EU this can have many impacts on our business. Honestly, the biggest challenge for our business is the complete unknown and lack of information to be able to plan ahead. We have been given no real insight as to what the impact may be for our business and we are unable to wait any longer for guidance.

We took the decision a few months ago as a UK based business to take it upon ourselves to find solutions to try to protect our business from any impact from exiting the EU, whether we will be impacted or not, we unfortunately can’t wait to see what might or might not happen in 2020. We really want to get on with creating the best underwear in the UK!

As a business we have been faced with the decision of relocating to mainland Europe or sticking in our home market in the UK. We are a UK based business and we do not want to stop serving our home market and are determined to focus our efforts here.

With this decision in mind we have had to spend some time planning for various scenarios. We are committed to bringing a high quality product to our UK customers at the best value possible.

KULA underwear are made from high quality, ethically produced material and we refuse to budge on quality or our manufacturing principals.

After much research and agonising we have taken the decision to increase our base prices by 16% to protect our business from various impacts of leaving the EU and continue to provide the highest quality product.

We have researched every possible avenue as a business but we are still left with the need to increase our prices to continue to trade in the UK, continue to be based in the uk and continue to bring greater variety and newness to our customers.

We apologise for the slight increase in pricing but we do hope that you continue to see good value in our product and hope you understand that we have done our level best to pass on as much value to our customers in the UK as possible to enable our growth in our home market and we will continue to do so.

If you have any questions regarding our price changes please feel free to contact us directly through our contact page, we will be happy to hear from you and answer your questions.

We look forward to exciting times ahead as a new UK business and we hope you continue to support what we do and we hope you love the new product we have planned in the UK!

The KULA Team