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Best underwear I've ever had

Best underwear I've ever had, perfect fit and feel even after washing.
Quality at a reasonable price with environmental benefits too.

Martin on 28 Dec, 2020

Awesome Kula!

I am so impressed. The quality and feel of the boxer briefs are superb. Although I made an error with my order, the follow up service was the very best and their commitment to being eco-friendly is an added bonus.
I would thoroughly recommend Kula on all levels! Thank you so much!

David on 10 Dec, 2020

Comfy, snug, great duds

Simple to order, received quickly in the post, great fit, comfortable, chuffed to bits, cheers.

Richard on 2 Dec, 2020

Great service.

Great service, easy payment. Delivery in a few days. The pants are great!

James on 18 Nov, 2020

So soft & wonderful fit

So soft and wonderful fit. My daughter has sent for some more for an added xmas present for Dad

Jackie on 12 Nov, 2020

Very comfortable…

Very comfortable and keeps everything in place

Kevin on 10 Nov, 2020

Great product…

Great product well packaged great quality !

Sue on 5 Nov, 2020

Arrived on time very comfortable fabric…

Arrived on time very comfortable fabric soft yet fit and hold well against the skin a great buy

Phil on 15 Oct, 2020

Fantastic top quality well fitting…

Fantastic top quality well fitting products. Superbly constructed, perfect for when it’s hot, and keeps everything where it should be!

Andrew on 03 Oct, 2020


Worn these for a few days and can honestly say they are the best boxers i've worn. My job is mainly manual labour and not once have they bunched up and made things uncomfortable. Highly recommended!

Danny on 01 Oct, 2020

Another purchase of quality boxers...

Second order of these extremely supportive and comfortable boxers. As others have said these are just like a second skin. Highly recommended.

Peter on 03 Aug, 2020

A second order and just as impressive as the first!!

This is my second delivery and I’m delighted with the quality and the service. Very comfortable too!!


Ian on 23 July, 2020

I was sold on boxère underwear but they…

I was sold on boxère underwear but they stopped doing my size. I found kulaunderwear. They are so much better! They fit so well. They are cool, soft and so comfortable. Ordered more

Richard on 20 July, 2020

Nice fit fast service very comfortable

Nice fit fast service very comfortable.
What more would you want

Dierk on 16 July, 2020

The comfort you deserve

Quite honestly the best underwear ever! Forget all about supposed luxury brands like Calvin Klein and the like, buy these instead! They do an amazing job at keeping you cool and dry all day, and with quick delivery its a real no brainer!

Christopher on 14 July, 2020

Great purchase

I bought several trunks in a single order whilst on sale, and I'm glad I did. The material is great - exactly the kind of breathable, smooth material that makes for comfortable wear. The waistband is not thick, unlike Uniqlo. Size S was perfect for my 30' waist, and the length of legs is right i.e. not long - it really is a trunk. There's a small square logo on the back - I'm not a fan of corporate branding in general, and this is more discreet than most.

Richard on 03 July, 2020

Excellent material

Excellent material, keeps you cool and dry all day, should have brought them long ago

Brian on 22 June, 2020

Quick delivery and quality product

The delivery arrived quickly and the trunks are very comfortable. Pleased to be able to buy such quality environmentally friendly underwear.

Peter on 16 June, 2020

Really comfortable and good quality

Really comfortable and good quality! Great choice!

Alvaro on 10 May, 2020

Best underwear ever experienced KULA

Best underwear ever experienced. Fits in all areas ,ample space area for valuable contents which are held in place at all times . Do not “ride up thighs” and really comfortable. A “fly “ opening would be helpful (maybe) Am now return customer. Service and product 5 stars

James on 07 May, 2020

Great quality

Wonderful, super fast delivery... we had to order more as they are very comfortable and even after several washes the older ones look really good; excellent super soft and durable fabric. It would be great if new colours were introduced to add to my collection! thanks guys

Darly on 06 May, 2020


Excellent customer service when had problem with email, great product

Nicky on 27 April, 2020

Great service and product

Very comfortable & fit well

Very comfortable & fit well. If they last as well as they look, what could possibly go wrong?

James on 22 April, 2020

Great product for sporting wear!

Great product, excellent for hiking and other sporting activities. Repeat purchaser!

Dylan on 18 April, 2020

Great buy

Great buy, so comfortable, who knew underpants would be a talking point

Terry on 14 April, 2020

Really soft material and very…

Really soft material and very comfortable to wear AND they stay that way after many washes. I could have bought some designer branded boxers at a discount but I still chose Kula.

David on 09 April, 2020

Very impressed.

Very impressed. Comfortable and a great fit.

Simon on 20 Mar, 2020

The most comfortable boxer briefs I've…

The most comfortable boxer briefs I've ever owned! I used to were the cooling Calvin Kleins and these are way better!

Ben on 17 Mar, 2020

Great product

Exchanged Trunks for Boxers as preferred the longer leg, excellent fit, very comfortable and first class customer service.

John on 04 Mar, 2020

Like being cupped by an angel

I can't believe how soft and comfy these are, yet they are also nicely supportive. Will definitely be back for more.

Cris, 01 Mar 2020


I was very pleased when they arrived. I wore a pair the next day and they were so comfortable, felt like silk. I have bought 6 pairs and I'm going to buy more. they are so comfortable more than expensive underwear I have bought

Nigel, 27 Feb 2020

Ultimate undercrackers

I ordered the wrong items (trunks instead of boxer briefs) but the lovely Julie in customer service corrected it and I received the right ones. Oh, and the underwear is great too.

Stephen on 18 Feb, 2020

Great underwear

Great underwear, always quickly delivered and with minimal packaging so you don't feel too bad about having it shipped.

Gary on 18 Feb, 2020

Excellent product and service

Excellent product and service. I have tried a lot of bamboo related underwear and these top the lot

Brad on 12 Feb, 2020

My nuts have never felt cooler and more…

My nuts have never felt cooler and more supported.
10 out of ten.

Jeremy on 03 Feb, 2020

Brilliant value and so comfortable

Brilliant value and so comfortable. Prompt delivery in sleek minimal packaging. I highly recommend. You will not be disappointed.

Lewis on 26 Jan, 2020

Brilliant service

Pack of 3 for Christmas. The size wasn't quite right. They exchanged my product no problem for a different size. Really comfortable, brilliant service

Harry on 04 Jan, 2020

Best present

Received a pair for Christmas. Hands down the best underwear I have had. Just bought more today!

Steve on 27 Dec, 2019


Great material. Great fit.

Adam on 19 Dec, 2019

Great product

Great product, very comfortable to wear, good delivery service. Very pleased with my purchase

Lee on 22 Nov, 2019

Great product

Great product. Just what I was looking for. Super comfy and don’t ride up. I bought both styles and found the boxer style better than the trunk style, which I found too short.

If, like me, you were looking for alternative modal trunks since M&S changed theirs to a style that is much less comfy, then I recommend these, but go for the boxer style.

Rory on 15 Nov, 2019

More comfortable than they said!

More comfortable than they said!

Keith on 04 Nov, 2019

Excellent service and excepionally well made underwear

The website is very well designed, very easy to navigate, delivery was acceptable, the courier very pleasant and helpful and arrived within the agreed timescale

Dave on 03 Nov, 2019

Best buy I’ve made in ages.

Most comfortable boxer briefs I’ve ever had.

Wayne on Oct 26, 2019


Excellent product

Mark on Oct 26, 2019

My new favourites

These boxers are fantastic quality. They are great for wearing to the gym and feel great against the skin. Very soft, very comfortable.

James on Oct 17, 2019

Very comfortable and good value

Very comfortable and good value.

Andy on Oct 15, 2019

Really comfortable boxers

Really comfortable boxers.

Christopher on Oct 13, 2019

Great quality

Great quality , beat all the other leading makes hands down .

Mark on Oct 8, 2019

Excellent value

Excellent value

Richard on Oct 6, 2019

I really like them

I really like them, just waiting for more colurs and patterns and will be ordering more

Geoff on Oct 5, 2019

Super comfortable and cool


Amazing soft feel Quality product.

Adam on Sept 15, 2019

Very nice quality

Very nice quality, fabric soft to the touch and wicks sweat away without any issues. I work in a busy warehouse and I can say I've felt considerably more comfortable. Shipping was hassle free. Excellent service. For those who perhaps want more of a relaxed fit then definitely size up. They fit quite snug.

Mustafa on Sept 10, 2019

Soft and very comfortable

Soft and very comfortable. Fit as expected.
Have bought 2 lots of 3 up to now. Would recommend.

Alan on Sept 06, 2019

Great Boxers

Great Boxers

Craig on Sept 05, 2019

Great Product!

Great Product!

Scott on Sept 05, 2019


Bought these in frustration having tried Calvin’s,Armani, under Armour,Versace and more in a quest to find some great looking pants that felt great. But was left wondering why I’d bothered .
I was slightly cynical at the claims of Kennies but ........Wow! . These are something really special. Comfortable is such an understatement. The boxers are a terrific fit , love the leg length, the look , the material, everything ! And They DO keep your trouser furniture cool .
More colours please!!!!! Replacing all of my pants with these!

Martin on Aug 19, 2019


These are the best trunks I’ve had. Really comfortable and I will definitely be getting some more. I highly recommend them

Neil on Aug 4, 2019


Best boxers I've ever worn!!!

Patrick on Aug 3, 2019


Great quality underwear. They look and feel great. Super comfortable too.

David on Aug 3, 2019


Superb quality garments even the black delivery pouch is cool and keepable lol. Hardly know you are wearing anything so soft against the skin.

Mike on Aug 1, 2019


Great quality underwear

Michael on July 30, 2019


Great fit, great quality, great price

Simon on July 26, 2019


I never really thought too much about my underwear and have been buying the same for years and years. Gave these a go. I’ve had them for a few weeks now, this is a real step up in quality. They are very comfortable, no annoying labels, material feels great and fit is great, have washed them multiple times and quality is still perfect. My wife is probably bored of me talking about them but I guess I just assumed underwear was underwear. Bravo Kennies, just wish you’d launched years ago! Just placed another order and am hoping they bring out more colours and maybe patterned? Great, great quality.

Alan on July 26, 2019


These are the best underwear I’ve worn. Feel great against skin. Fit great and you do notice that they’re breathable. I’d love to see more colours/patterns too. Have just stocked up on more pairs. Slightly more expensive than my usual but I think you’re really paying for quality here. Delivery was very quick too.

Jeremy on July 26, 2019


ordered a pair of blue boxers, liked the feel of the material and the quality is very good. Ordered a size medium, decided large might fit more comfortably. Contacted them directly and a replacement was sent immediately, no questions asked....refreshingly good customer service! New size fits great and have just ordered another pack of 3.

Wayne on July 16, 2019


Worn these new Trunks today. Complete tailored fit. I work outdoors as a Gardener so comfortable fit through the long working days is crucial! No annoying labels either. Very prompt delivery - within 2 days. Definitely ordering more!

Phil on July 13, 2019


Seriously amazing. I can't get over the fit. Being a bigger guy I do struggle. Feel good, v supportive where you need it

Richard on July 13, 2019


Saw an advert for this company recently and thought why not, give them a go. I bought the Trunk. Let me tell you....these are seriously good. I wore my pair to work and the difference is amazing. Felt great throughout the day, fitted perfectly and they really do keep you comfortable in the hot weather and on the uncomfortable commute! I really wish I'd heard of these earlier, have ordered again.

Mark on July 09, 2019


The trunk pants are very comfortable. Great fabric, great fit. I also like the minimalist design and there are no itchy tags which is an annoyance with other pants. Have washed a few times and so far so good

Lewis on July 05, 2019


Great product and quality

Frank on July 04, 2019


They are exactly as they say comfortable, soft and feel very light. Great fit and supportive. Delivery was fast. Would recommend

Adam on July 03, 2019


These are so comfortable that it just doesn’t even feel like I’m wearing anything. Very good quality and worth every penny

Richard on Jul 02, 2019


I thought I’d give these a try and I wasn’t disappointed. They are great quality, comfortable and feel great against the skin. Will be getting more!

Graham on Jul 01, 2019


Very soft the boxer briefs are long enough to not ride up and they are really soft, you barley feel them on.

Stuart on June 30, 2019


Really liked the eco view of this brand but that aside, these are great quality. No ride up and material feels very comfortable and cool.

Jim on June 29, 2019


Best underwear I’ve had. Really comfortable

Shaun on June 29, 2019


Decided to give these a go. Quality is excellent but best thing for ride up! Finally! Great pants

Louis on June 28, 2019


I bought a pair of these recently and wasn’t disappointed. The material is very good, fit is perfect. They’re very comfortable to wear. I’m used to paying a little more for underwear and these are worth it. Will be buying more.

John on June 28, 2019


They really are the perfect fit. The material feels really soft against the skin. The waistband is very comfy and no annoying labels. Love the eco nature too

Jason on June 28, 2019


These pants are a great buy, I usually wear only Calvin’s so I'm used to paying for a quality product . I really liked that they are environmentally friendly with no annoying labels ,waistband is comfortable and easy to wear light fabric . I ordered XL , I normally order large however they are sized differently to my normal ones . They fit well ,hold everything in place and are a perfect leg length ( trunks) they don’t ride up and look good on so give them a try you won’t be disappointed.

Rick on June 22, 2019


Great to wear comfortable pants.....

Iain on May 21, 2019


Best fitting, most comfortable underwear i've ever had

Alan on May 20, 2019


Great grunds... Soft stretchy and very comfortable.. I travel a lot so these will be my go to plane pants!

Stuart on May 19, 2019


Fantastic product and excellent service

Tony on May 18, 2019


Fantastic quality

Gerry on May 7, 2019


Feel fantastic and fit really well. Others pants are pants compared to these!

Al on Apr 23, 2019


Can't get over how ridiculously comfortable and soft these bad boys are! They put my other undies to shame. The material feels so luxurious yet they still hug everything snuggly and supportively without any squashing. To add to the comfort, it even comes without a label. I really like this brand and what they stand for - practical drawers for guys who require support and breathable-ness without skimping on luxury, all while being environmentally-conscious.

Charlie on Apr 23, 2019


Best pants I have worn. So soft that I will never buy cotton again. Just had first wash and no fading or shrinkage Easy to order, fast delivery.

Tom on Apr 07, 2019


Got a pair recently and must admit though I've bought Next boxers for the last 10 years these are something a bit different. You can barely feel you're wearing them they're so light, almost a bit spooky, but super comfortable no mistakin'. And yep they do cosset the old chap nicely despite having to check you're actually still wearing them sometimes! Its gonna be a dillemma next time keks buying time comes up for sure.

Cedric on Apr 05, 2019


Super soft, comfortable pants. Particularly good when on my bike. The fabric really makes a difference when you're sweating. Not a fan of my cotton undies anymore!

Matthew on Apr 04, 2019