What is TENCEL™

Derived from renewable wood sources using Eco Soft technology, TENCEL™ fibres gently embrace your body with long-lasting softness to help your skin feel cool and dry throughout the day and night. As a result of the smooth surface, TENCEL™ offers an exquisitely light quality that creates a barely there feel.

TENCEL ™ Modal cellulosic fibre naturally manages the transportation of moisture, contributing to breathable fabrics that provide a less favourable environment for bacterial growth, offering better hygienic qualities.

Eco Soft Technology

The TencelTM Modal fiber produced by Eco Soft technology makes the material smooth and soft. The basic chlorine-free bleaching Eco Soft technology is used in the integrated wood pulp to fibre process. The fibre production is environmentally friendly and has been awarded the Ecolabel by the European Union.

Micro technology

Using Micro technology, TencelTM Modal fibers are ultra-fine, ultra-light derived from sustainable wood sources. TencelTM creates a new era of lightness and softness that provides lasting natural comfort. Textiles containing TencelTM Lyocell fibre provide effective moisture absorption to ensure the skin's natural comfort.

Eco Colour Technology

This eco-friendly technology delivers long-lasting colour fastness. The Eco Colour technology is a stock dyeing process that dyes the TencelTM Modal fibre. The liquid-dyed TENCELTM Modal fiber creates a cost-effective ecological advantage that replaces the resource-intensive traditional dyeing process. The original dyed TencelTM Lyocell fibre has a long-lasting brilliance, , which outperforms ordinary dyed fibres and does not fade easily even after repeated washings